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We manage, maintain, and fund public and private performance-based stormwater programs using innovative technologies and adaptive management strategies. Our team of strategic partners and stormwater experts means we can tackle any stormwater-related challenge and meet your KPIs.

URBAN FLOODINGAGING INFRASTRUCTUREHEAVY RAINSUrban flooding from stormwater runoff causes sewer backups and flooded basements, often resulting in catastrophic damage.Legacy stormwater systems struggle with costly retrofits to manage urban flooding and climate change, and engineering challenges persist.Extreme precipitation events increase with climate change, and dry years do too, resulting in greater precipitation variabilityWATER QUALITY IMPACTSStormwater runoff introduces pollutants that harm human health and aquatic environments, thus driving compliance requirements.

About Us

We created the Stormwater Investment Group to alleviate the risks—compliance, performance, and financial—associated with designing, implementing, and managing stormwater programs through performance-based contracting.

Programs range from new builds, upgrades and retrofits to maintenance, all with a bit of innovation thrown in to optimize performance and incorporate adaptive management capabilities.


The Stormwater Investment Group provides a range of expert solutions to tackle the complexities of stormwater management. From design and execution of innovative infrastructure projects to compliance reporting and monitoring with advanced analytics, our team is dedicated to helping you create resilient and functional stormwater systems.

Blue/Green/Gray Infrastructure Program Design


Inspections, Operations, and Maintenance

Monitoring and Controls with Real-Time & Predictive Analytics

Blue/Green/Gray Infrastructure Program Design


Inspections, Operations, and Maintenance

Monitoring and Controls with Real-Time & Predictive Analytics

Stormwater Program Compliance & Reporting

Fixed Cost & Financing via Performance-Based Contracting

How It Works

The Stormwater Investment Group provides “Stormwater as a Service,” or SWaaS, which means we act as a virtual general contractor with all service providers reporting to us. All contracts go through us. We oversee the entire program, from engineering and construction, to O&M and asset management. And we can provide any necessary financing to cover the higher-cost capital improvements.

SWaaS Agreement

Why It’s Valuable

By incorporating financing and performance-based mechanisms that (1) provide a short-term funding source to achieve long-term goals and (2) contractually tie our compensation to achieving measurable KPIs, you can:

Source program funding

Borrow upfront

Get full project transparency

Mitigate Programmatic Risk

Enable adaptive management

Our Blog

Join us as we explore innovative strategies, best practices, and the latest research in building resilient communities and safeguarding the environment against the challenges of a changing climate—and its inevitable impacts on stormwater management.

From Gray to Green: Unleashing the Potential of Blue-Green Infrastructure for Urban Resilience

As we struggle to deal with the pressing challenges of urbanization, climate change, and resource scarcity, cities of all sizes are looking for innovative solutions that solve myriad issues, from flooding to stormwater compliance and water quality issues.

Optimizing Stormwater Management: Performance-Based Initiatives for Enhanced Results

In stormwater management, performance-based contracting aligns private sector compensation with desired outcomes, while promoting accountability, encouraging innovation, and transferring risk to the private sector, thereby enhancing the value and effectiveness of both public and private stormwater infrastructure programs.


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